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Whale Mail is a non-profit organization working to build a community of people who care about the world around them. When you sign up for Whale Mail, you directly support charities of your choice with your subscription. Check out our donation portal to see the organizations users are currently able to contribute to. Learn more about the organizations around you, choose your cause, help a whale out.

What does your e-mail address say about you?

Whale Mail is also great e-mail. A whalemail.org address is secure, fast, and private. Your privacy matters, and we never display advertisements, or index your messages like some other big e-mail providers do. One click wordpress websites are included with all of our services. You'll find using Whale Mail simple and refreshing.

How It Works

Get fast, secure e-mail from a non-profit that makes your privacy a priority.
Access your secure IMAP e-mail from all of your devices.
Includes webmail for checking e-mail on the go.
Automatic spam sorting and antivirus.

Half of your subscription fees goes to support local charities of your choice.
Get access to the Donation Portal. The portal updates quarterly with new charities.
You have the freedom to choose your charity(s), and the amount of your donations.
We try to include a selection of small regional charities, as well as larger national charites.
You always have the ability to make additional donations above and beyond your yearly subscription.
Charities for a given quarter are chosen by the directors and user feedback.
We take your privacy seriously.
No advertising, indexing, sharing, or selling of member information.
We collect as little information as possible.
You can choose to donate anonymously, or choose the donor information charities will see.
All connections to Whale Mail use 256 bit encryption.

Advanced Web Hosting
One click wordpress install.
Secured site with a free SSL certificate through LetsEncrypt.
Powerful web environment including MySQL, CGI scripting, PHP and more...

Sign up for an @whalemail.org address. The e-mail service that supports your community!

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